Artist Statement


My work breaks open the seemingly perfect container of home into spaces that expose both the physical and psychological attributes of domestic structure. I draft blueprints, using ink bled from hundreds of ballpoint pens, that become templates for impossible-to-build forms. The oozing ink expands upon the surface of a vellum substrate, transgressing intended efficiency, and coagulates into unpredictable, corporeal masses. In sculptural works, I respond to the ethereal provocations contained within these plans. I construct multisensory installations with materials from the lived-in world: Dumped furniture and contractor waste reconstituted into real and imagined forms of architecture. Through the labor of the construction process, real and imagined memories emerge from interactions between materials – layers of latex paint, smells trapped inside a woodgrain, dust collected on the outer shell of a lampshade, sounds traveling through a wall. In daily life, we inhabit space and seek to control its purpose, yet the space also inhabits us. The modern comforts of architecture and home improvement are means to control the messier aspects of living; my work looks to a home with blurrier edges, ambiguous  meanings, and curious mythologies residing within.